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The ThreadKey Extension is a is a very simple extension that let the user strike the 'T' key and get the Threaded view, just like the 'G' key switches to Grouped By Sort view by default. You can also strike the 'U' key in order to get back the Unthreaded view.

Even if you don't use threaded view a lot, it can come in handy, if you happen to press 'G' by accident. This extension helps you to easily switch back to Unthreaded/Ungrouped view with a single keypress.

Please note that the 'T' key is currently assigned to the "Go → Next → Unread Thread" menu item: this key assignment will be replaced by 'Shift+T'.

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To install the ThreadKey Extension follow these steps:

You can then install the downloaded file by going to Tools → Add-ons from within Thunderbird or SeaMonkey and clicking on the options button next to the add-on search field. There you select "Install Add-on From File..." and locate the downloaded .xpi file.

After that, restart Thunderbird or SeaMonkey and the new version is activated...

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Works with Works with Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0 – 25.0a2, Works with SeaMonkey SeaMonkey 2.0 – 2.22a2

Alternative version for Mac OS X

There is a known error with ThreadKey on the Mac where the 'T' and 'U' keys cannot be redefined in Thunderbird upto version 2.*. Whenever a user types a 'T' or a 'U', the view changes. So the keys become unusable, also in quick search, or when the user renames a folder or adds an address to the address book.

This problem is solved with Thunderbird 3. For Mac users swho are still using Thunderbird 2.* I have created an alternate version for Mac users, that uses 'Cmd+T' and 'Cmd+U' to change view. This alternate version can be downloaded here.

Grouped By Sort view

Thunderbird bug 275871 was "fixed" and this means that the 'G' key doesn't put Thunderbird into Grouped By Sort view anymore. I have released version 0.5, so people using my extension can continue to switch to Grouped By Sort view with the 'G' key...


Better late than never, but today I made ThreadKey compatible with SeaMonkey, so users of SeaMonkey can now also use my extension. Version 0.6 should do the trick...



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Luca Porzio   Creator
Stefano Constantini   Contributor
Onno Ekker oeekker Active Developer